Tangerine-Led Zeppelin

Sometimes you just gotta go with it. The song that most predicts “Stairway to Heaven” and every other electrified rock cheese ballad to infinity. This is not to say that it isn’t awesome. What are you going to do? How can we be immeasurably cooler than you all the time?

5 Responses to “Tangerine-Led Zeppelin”

  • I spent many years, cranking my punk records and making snide remarks about LZ.

    But in recent years, have rediscovered them. How can you beat the eighteen levels of awesome in Bonham’s drumming? I am positive that one nice spring night, driving with the top down, the drumming on Physical Graffiti made me see God.

    It’s not Zep’s fault that so many talentless hacks used them to copy the answers from.

    what’s cool is being uncool enough to admit that some of this stuff… is pretty damn cool.

    If Led Zep was a Mythbusters episode, it would be the one where they blew up a cement mixer.

  • Triple bingoes!

  • dudes, thanks gajillion for the recommendaments on Shack. I’m totally digging this music. It’s got hints of some Nick Drake, eh?

  • Plus other chimey britpoppy retro leaning XTC goodness as well.

    We need to obtain their earlier albums. Too bad e-music only has the one.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Get Pop Ren going on about Shack and he can probaby share outtakes and everything.

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