Viva Voce – From The Devil Himself

Went to the Shins concert tonight, which was expectedly awesome. But there is very little interesting to write about seeing one of the best bands today at the top of their game. No, the actual massive surprise was from the opening band, Viva Voce, who kicked almost as much ass as The Shins did. OK, maybe half that ass, but that’s still an impressive ass and way more than the typical 3 Bulls half-ass. Viva Voce, who announced their name about six times during the show and added that they are from Portland, Oregon, are the classic husband/wife team. Kevin plays the drums, sings, and occasionally rocks out on the acoustic guitar, whereas Anita is a guitar goddess of the highest decree. She also has a great voice, and really should become Chuckles new rock crush, Eleanor Friedberger be damned. Their music ranges from almost ’60s-era folk rock to complete Yo La Tengo free-form freakouts, and they are witty and play with aplomb.

Most of the songs they performed, all of them excellent, were from their new album Get Yr Blood Sucked Out. The best song from the set was this track, nicely put to a cheeky video. Musically, it is not representative of the other tracks, but it’s really goddamned catchy. The song evokes a little Grateful Dead and some music that Pinko Punko totally knows and I just can’t get to the tip of my fingers. But it’s good in a familiar and awesome way. Anyway, check out the video and check out their other songs as their myspace page. We Do Not F*ck Around is another super good track, of which they opened and closed with different variations on the song.

In the event that this actually embeds properly ….

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  • Didn’t Anita also join in with the Shins on a few songs in the live show? I’m pretty sure she did when I saw them.

    I only caught their last two songs when I saw them. I hate opening acts at large shows, because I’m a music snob, and 90% of the people in the crowd aren’t paying attention and are chatting and ruining the mood. But what I heard was good, I guess. And I like the track posted above.

    And I’m not going to boycott and refuse to post on this, even though my Broken West post was completely ignored. I’m not gonna be petty like that.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Seitz, I was totally going to skip most of the opening act as well until I listened to a few songs on the Myspace page and totally reshuffled my experiments to make sure I heard the whole thing. The crowd was pretty thin at the beginning, but not obnoxious. By the end, there was at least 75% occupancy and people were into it. Of course, having reserved seats does make a difference. And yes, Anita did join in with the Shins on a few songs. I’m sure they crush on her as much as anybody in their right mind should.

  • Seitz, maybe it was the music Gods teaching you a lesosn about skipping the opening act, or something. You patiently and lovingly ply your craft,yet all the groupies only show up for UC! Oh wait, it is still just us, sigh.

    That being said, I finally listened to and love The Aisler’s Set! Only 1 billion years after the fact.

  • This is why I hate the music industry. I’ve listened to this song about a million times in the last couple of days. I’m going to buy this album when I have the chance. Why isn’t this song in widespread circulation? Why isn’t it being played every hour on ClearChannel stations? Why are people so stupid?

    It’s very frustrating.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    The problem, Seitz, is that all of those millions of people are not reading Song of the Day.

    Really, though, this song draws you in instantly and should connect with anybody that hears it. They might break through still. They are signed to Barsuk, which did a great job of bringing Death Cab for Cutie out of Indie darlings into just darling, and even found critical acclaim for a less talented husband-wife team, Mates of State. If these guys can make two or three more CDs this good, they won’t be ignored. In fact, I remember a couple of years ago lamenting with Pinko Punko how the Shins had just crafted one of the great pop albums of all time and nobody would ever hear of them.

    Did you listen to the Cortney Tidwell song much, Seitz? I listened about a million times in a row and still need to hear it every day or so. There’s some amazing new artists out there…

  • I listened to it, but there was another song on her album, I think it was “Missing Link” that I liked even better.

    The Walkmen played that Mazarin song “Another One Goes By” in concert, and the whole time I just felt sorry for all of the people around me who I’m sure have never heard the Mazarin version.

  • It is weird, some music you want for yourself, but some you are mad because it is so good and should be covering up some shitty song that IS getting played all the time.

  • Seitz, where have you been? Even I have tumbled to the Viva Voce.

    And, if I recall correctly, it was a tip from Master Atrios.

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