Always Saturday-Guadalcanal Diary

Forgotten 80’s alternapop awesomeness. Reminds me of the radio when it could be a force for random smiles or angst, in a good way. Driving in a car, or being a passenger in a friends ’62 Dart. With the side vent windows. For resting your foot. Getting a slurpee. That sort of thing. Oh look! Zero comments. Who cares, a good tune. This song is from 1989, but has a wistful “must be older than that” feeling. Guadalcanal Diary were from Georgia, and the video below, for Watusi Rodeo (a much earlier song), could possibly be the only one every aired on MTV. It is worth it for the intro with Nina.


Watusi Rodeo-Guadalcanal Diary

6 Responses to “Always Saturday-Guadalcanal Diary”

  • No, I distinctly remember seeing the vid for “Always Saturday” on Empty-V. Maybe on 120 minutes?

    Great, great tune though. I believe I’ve even managed to catch Murray Attaway in a solo show somewhere along the way.

    Zero comments my buttski. You underestimate us, my friend. Now get back to your imaginary sporto.

  • simone de beauvoir

    Loved Guadalcanal Diary. Not so much the boy I copied it from.

  • A little mixtape mayhem, SdB?

    Do you know the best song ever that namechecks Simone de B, Simone de B?

    You will find it in the archives here.

  • I’m pretty sure my older brother used to listen to these guys. The song in the video is pretty good.

    Saw the Hoodoo Gurus last night. They effing rocked! Seriously, great show.

  • I think the Hoodoo Gurus are in town this week. Maybe I will go. You have swayed me Seitz.

  • You will not be disappointed. You can hit up my site for a possible setlist.

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