Bros-Panda Bear

A reverb soaked Brian Wilson pastiche, and the only reason I didn’t just unleash a 30,000 word blood clot throwing diatribe on Three Bulls! I think that everyone needs to buy this album immediately. Even if you don’t like the Beach Boys or Brian Wilson, you will love this. I guarantee. Super fantastic A-triple plus.

4 Responses to “Bros-Panda Bear”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This song is EXACTLY how I anticipated and wished every single Animal Collective song would sound like. I am going to have to buy the CD now and be disappointed with every other track but this one. Super awesome.

  • They are all this good, some are better.

  • I couldn’t listen with the video. but when I switched off of this page and listened while I typed my work, it is quite nice. That cat was really freaking me out. I never really like those kaleidoscope “toys” as a kid, either.

  • I very much like this song.

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