Senses Working Overtime-XTC

This is one of those songs where I cannot wait for the chorus. I listen and think that maybe the song is not as good as I remembered in the beginning. But then the chorus etc. comes around and I realize how awesome it is. It is always hard to post about XTC because the XTC whackos come out of the woodwork ranting about Mel Schachter. They just cannot be rational about XTC. They get crazy and must be dealt with by horse tranquilizers.

8 Responses to “Senses Working Overtime-XTC”

  • Send me my horse tranks, please.

    Am I an XTC whacko? I believe so.

    This song makes myhead explode every time.

    Who the hell is Mel Schacter? I’ve never ranted about him a day in my life.

  • BP- Bobby Lightfoot is a huge XTC fan and he has a running gag about Mel, bassist of Grand Funk Railroad. It is quite hilarious.

  • I like Bobby’s blog. I’ve got a couple of friends who’ve worked in rock music, and his stories have the ring of reality.

  • He is certainly living it. It does seem like his soul is constantly getting crushed. F***ing Schachter.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    It was weird hearing this song done live. I know the recorded version so well, and it is so less English sounding. Great chours and great countdown to great chorus. Will it ever be cool to like XTC, though?

  • UC, this version is almost indistinguishable from the album version.

  • Yeah, it’s that fuckin’ SCHACHER. Fucking little ponce. And that fucking Wilford.

    Actually, my soul hasn’t been crushed in a few years.

    Just can’t move on, man.

    Hey- back to the song, man!!!! C’mon, dance everybody! Feel like I just fired a shotgun in a disco!!

    one two thee foh five!!! senses workin’ overtime!!

  • this post is right on. that is a seriously great chorus.

    I was primed to be skeptical (“it won’t be as great as he says”)

    but it was.

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