Sorry Again-Velocity Girl

I think it is funny that Seitz posted an obscure ol’ early 90s indie pop tune yesterday, because that is what I had in mind with the random Velocity Girl tune that popped into my head. One of those great “kiss off” songs. The gist of it: “yeah we said some stuff about sticking together, but oops, I was wrong, suit me. What can I do but say “sorry” (with the implied “but, still, kiss off”)?

Good times. I remember the album being maybe OK (1994’s Simpatico), it was on Sub Pop, but really only had a couple killer songs.

6 Responses to “Sorry Again-Velocity Girl”

  • I bought this album on the strength of this song, and I thought the whole thing was pretty good. That had to be sometime back when I was in college.

  • Sure Pinko.

    Just “popped into your head” right. When SOMEONE MENTIONED THEM IN THE COMMENTS.

    Someone has to go all emu.

    I liked ’em though. Was probably just after college. didn’t Mould produce the album?

  • While I’m in SOTDville, I should mention that SOTD alums Mazarin have a song in a new set of Puma commericals. Only, they aren’t called Mazarin anymore. I don’t think they’ve settled on a new name yet.

  • Mazarin are on my buy list when my emusic refills.

  • I didn’t think emusic had Mazarin. If they do, I am in the same boat. You should get Panda Bear, BP.

  • emusic doesn’t have the latest one, but the first two.

    Panda Bear! Even the name is kute!

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