Weapon of Choice-B.R.M.C.

I didn’t realize these guys had a new one coming out. First two albums were driving fuzzy droney attacks, a la Jesus and Mary Chain+Love and Rockets via a Dandy Warhols psych wall of sound. Last one was a stripped down affair that I kind of skipped. This one is supposedly more straight forward and plugged in. This song is OK, but for some reason I am a little bit excited for the album. I assume Seitz will give us a report.

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  • I’ve heard the first six or seven songs and it’s much more TTOOYO than Howl. I think Howl was a function of them having kicked Nick Jago out of the band for a while, so they wrote a lot of stuff with little to no drum parts. The result was a very Johnny Cashy sounding album.

    I’m not willing to say I like Howl better than the first two, but I probably liked it as much.

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