Sharky’s Day – Laurie Anderson

Deep in the heart
Of darkest America
Home of the brave
Hah hAh Haaah
You’ve already paid for this Listen to my heart beat

One of those utterly necessary recordings (the original anyway, the video edit is rather truncated and feels somewhat choppy). All the details are pieced together, large and small, from the *pwhict* as the sun comes up over the grocery store to Adrian Belew’s landscape gone to seed. (In an interview, Anderson said something to the effect that Belew wasn’t playing a guitar, “I think it’s some sort of animal”.)

I don’t think I’m likely to say anything coherent here, this one is too much in my bloodstream.

5 Responses to “Sharky’s Day – Laurie Anderson”

  • I really like most of the stuff I have heard by her, but it always seems like she has so many albums, so I never know which ones I would want to start with. ALthough, now I just think of this article when I think about Laurie Anderson. It is kind of a ruthless, interesting discussion of Susan Sontag and a very New York circle of celebrity that features what sounds like the most painful dinner party stocked with oppressive narcissists ever.

  • I really haven’t kept track of her and only know stuff from the 80’s.

    The album Mister Heartbreak, which is the one “Sharky’s Day” comes from, is the easiest to recommend.

    I’ve seen that article before. I’ve seen a couple of things ragging on Sontag like that. While it’s certainly not hard to believe (really pretty much expected) that the New York artistocracy can be phenomenally self-involved, I also wonder what demons of disillusionment that author might be working out.

  • She was at least pretty honest about where she was about that. What struck me about the entire scenesterism is that Sontag really seemed trapped in a world of her own construction, hence this need to have an “other” or an “outsider” but at some level acceptable, i.e. Stanford prof. I think having to watch a movie about that dinner party would be like Curb Your Enthusiasm times 1 billion. Awk. Ward.

  • My comment above doesn’t do a very good job of conveying what I was thinking.

    1) I’ve seen enough accounts of Sontag that reinforce this one not to find it dubious.

    2) While I expect it’s true that the dinner party was probably the height of fashionable narcissodrama, I’m still curious as to what might have been left out of the tale in order to fit it to the narrative of Sontag.

    I actually know nothing about Curb Your Enthusiasm, which I suspect means you will now ignore me at dinner parties.

  • It is some show that UC loves, it is all about super painful, awkward social interactions.

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