Everythings Gone Green (1981 Live)-New Order

This vid, leaving aside its remarkable quality, makes Kraftwerk, Devo, any other robot bands really look like undisciplined, emotional Klingons compared to the icy disaffected inability to play their instruments creepy wonder bread of this standout early New Order track. Kind of like punk anti-punk. Really good.

plover adds:

From the same concert: “Ceremony”, then “Truth”

3 Responses to “Everythings Gone Green (1981 Live)-New Order”

  • The version of this song I know is the one on Substance and I’ve never liked it much, but I like this performance.

  • I had to go look for more videos from this concert. I’ve added a couple more. How could you post just one?

  • Ceremony was pretty good, but not the revelation that EGG was- I already liked that song, but Bernie was actually singing. He’s usually terrible live. The weird thing is that they kind of sound sloppy on Joy Division record, but still competent, but live only Stephen sounds like he can play. I wonder what drummer snobs have to say about him. I think for what he does he is really good. A lot of the sound though was the production. The vid is crazy- it almost seems like high def compared to most old stuff on you tube.

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