Modern Love – Last Town Chorus

Yep, it’s that Modern Love. Only this time, it’s slowed way down, and played by a really hot chick with a steel guitar. And she’s even prettier in person.

Last Town Chorus is pretty much Megan Hickey and whoever she happens to have playing with her at the time. She just finished a stint opening for Michael Penn (whom I saw tonight), but it’s my understanding that she’ll be on her own tour sometime next month, at least in select cities.

This is one of those weird covers in that, for it’s style, it stays fairly faithful to the original. It doesn’t get all weird or anything. Contrast that with Grant Lee Phillips’ cover of Wave of Mutilation, which isn’t really GLP style (all singer-songwritery), but more almost calypso, which actually really works for that song. Still, if you heard someone playing it, you’d probably do a double take after the first verse because it wouldn’t hit you right away. Unfortunately, the studio recording doesn’t really capture how overwhelming the steel guitar is in person.

This is really a plug more than anything, because not only was she pleasant to listen to, and pleasant to look at, and kinda funny, she was very nice in person. And she sold me her CD, and signed it for me, and chatted briefly. She’s my new ‘rock’ crush.

6 Responses to “Modern Love – Last Town Chorus”

  • Oh man, the hammond with super steel live would be pretty awesome. Also, you notice that the song is actually a well written song. Way to go Hall and Oates!

  • I changed the title to what it should have been. I may have written it wrong on the first pass.

    Not sure on the Hall and Oates ref either. The liner notes says it was written by Bowie himself.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I like that version a lot. More steel guiatar, please!

    Pinko, are you thinking of Method of Modern Love? I can’t imagine this song being anything but Bowie.

  • I believe he was, UC. That was the first title until I corrected it.

    There’s more steel guitar on the rest of the album, which can be streamed from their website.

  • omg.

    i really like this. kind of like bowie, but on PCP.

  • I must have been high last night. Although my fave version of the song is Bowie and Tina Turner in the Pepsi commercial. What the hell is wrong with me? I should be killed. Killed until dead!

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