No. 1 Blind-Veruca Salt/Slow Dog (Video Mix)-Belly

More 90s bargain bin, until I can put up some of my new drug rock faves. Maybe plover will have something for us this week as well?

Not the lead off radio tracks of their respective albums, instead they were the songs that I preferred (out of the radio tracks). Veruca Salt always got badmouthed like they were ripping off “some other band.” Most likely it was because there is ever only so much room on radio for “chicks,” but never enough for whiny pro-tools emo choads. “No. 1 Blind” followed up “Seether”, which was a monsta for VS.

This is the holy grail of Belly tracks for me, not that it is my fave, but some radio stations played this video mix, which is not the same as the album version, and I prefer this one. “Slow Dog” followed up “Feed the Tree” and possibly “Gepetto”- Seitz will remember the order.

Belly-Slow Dog (Video mix)

2 Responses to “No. 1 Blind-Veruca Salt/Slow Dog (Video Mix)-Belly”

  • That order sounds about right. The blonde chick was introduced in the Gepetto video.

    I like the album version better. They aren’t that different, but I like the little guitar part at the beginning of the album version.

  • I think that is funny because I like the more swirling intro of the video edit. I will compare them side by side tonight.

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