Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun – M83

Cuz your lyin on this hillside at the end of the movie and it’s like the last green hillside around because the nanobots excaped from Glenn Reynold’s sinuses and made stuff all infected and melty y’know but then you like saved the Earth cuz yur all in tune with like Gaia force or somethin and you like speeded up evolution of numatoads and dopypods to combat the nanoboogers and even a few humans survived includin you (cuz the ending where you sacrificed yourself by throwing yourself into the tide of nanogoo like totally bummed the focus group) and now there’s like all these helicopter shots of you lyin on this hill with the all chorus-y music goin real loud.

You know — like that.

3 Responses to “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun – M83”

  • I love M83. I wish they had them on e-music. 🙁

    I raise my fist against the nanobots and I’m hoping the lazy hazy gazy dazy will lull them into an idyllic stupor on accounta the green grassy hillside. Then whammo, they stop caring about their nanobot dreams and they are finally free.

  • After putting up this post, I read the review at Pitchfork of the album this track is from. And without being quite so off the wall about it, the review says almost the exact same thing about M83 as this post does. This probably means I’m doomed or something.

  • I think that is what M83 kinda says to the world. P-fork sometimes bows to unpretentious reality. Sometimes.

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