Bookshop Casanova-The Clientele

Song of the Day loves The Clientele. This a jaunty retro-pop uptempo jaunt through what feels like somebodies quiet corner of 60’s London. From their latest God Save The Clientele, another excellent song from one of my favorite current bands. Alasdair MacLean’s voice is a little bit of an acquired taste, but you MUST love the English a-gain (a-gaiyn) that always seems to come up in their songs. This is a really clean in-studio live performance, the only problem is that the guitar and drum are a little buried in the mix so it doesn’t quite feel as jaunty as it should.

2 Responses to “Bookshop Casanova-The Clientele”

  • I actually kind of like this song, but I have a hard time getting past my initial assessment that they kind of sound like the Innocence Mission with a guy singer. I can still here Karen Perris’ voice if I try hard enough.

    I do like the up-tempo aspect, though. Wish they’d played one like this when they opened for Spoon a couple of years ago.

  • Seitz- there are 3 or so like this on the new album- I predict you will like it

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