Euro-Trash Girl-Cracker

This is the video version, which I believe is clipped of a couple of verses. Just some David Lowery (Camper van Beethoven) and friends country-indie-rock romp around Europe. For whatever reason I remembered this the other day. A good un. I kind of feel that Cracker were always underrated. They always seemed to have the songs and just kind of do their own thing.

Euro-Trash Girl-Cracker (Single Edit)

Euro-Trash Girl-Cracker (live full version)

3 Responses to “Euro-Trash Girl-Cracker”

  • I always liked Cracker. And I’ve also seen CVB live a couple of times.

    Cracker was underrated, I think because they got some airplay. If they had reamined without singles, the critics darling bestial group would have loved them, because they played the irony louder than CVB.

    But sometimes they played it straight, and they can never ever be forgiven for that.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I just heard this again a couple of weeks ago. It’s way too repetitive for me to consider it a really good song, but it doesn’t get out of my head for months on end.

  • That was interesting. Didn’t these guys do the annoyingly replayed siong “Low”?

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