All You Need Is Hate-Delgados

Before the skinheads rock the place, this song is sarcastic. The sorely missed Delgados, from their excellent and completely wonderful Hate. Emma Pollock I believe has a solo album on the way (she sings on many of their other songs). I just can’t believe how amazing they were to see live in front of about 50 people. The show got moved at the last minute and it wasn’t quite clear where it would be moved to, and then it was in the middle of nowhere.

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Wowee on the new SoftD banner! We’s getting fancy here.

    Oh and the song totally rocks. I loved seeing the Delgados live. The best moment is when Alun Woodward totally forgot the words to a song that everybody was singing along to in their heads anyway. He stops for a second to get the lyric from the crowd, and we all shouted it out at once. The Delgados were so great.

  • I was watching the Femmes the first time they realized that in the song “Kiss Off” where they get to the part where he chants ‘I’ll take one, one, one cuz you left me…’ and Gano realizes that the crowd will sing every line for him. He got this kind of bemused smile and the drummer just broke up laughing.

  • can make a submission for Song of the day?

    I have spent all day on Youtube looking at any Jeff Buckley they had. he was just incredible.

  • oh my comment didn’t let me embed. You fascists.

  • kathleen- why not send me a guest post for this song- 3bulls at gmail, then we will post it!

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