When I Go Deaf (Live)-Low

Slow. Sad. Pretty. Quiet. I CRUNCHA YA FACE GUITAR!!!!!! Low are generally amazing. They seemed to break a little with Things We Lost in the Fire, an excellent album from some years ago. Their follow-up was meh, but this followed up that and it is wonderful. I would like to hear this live, because you kind of expect to feel the sound. One of my fave guitar solos ever. They are usually described as “slow-core”- mellow, dirge-like, generally beautiful and intense songs in some time that is impossible to determine because it is glacier-like in its slowness and its core-ness. Reference point would be Galaxie 500 (they shared a producer).

2 Responses to “When I Go Deaf (Live)-Low”

  • Where are they from?

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I really should have the new Low. Everything I’ve heard from it sounds so good. I can’t wait to hear them live shortly. They are opening for Wilco!!!!!!!!!

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