Stay-Oingo Boingo

Maybe you have to grow up in this era to even find this song listenable. Of course the video tries way to hard to make the song unwatchable. I always felt Oingo Boingo were kind of crapped on by a lot of people. I think they were always a California thing. I am getting deja vu, perhaps I have already done this song. This song reminds me of driving around late at night in high school. I think blue girl might like it for some reason, although she’s probably never heard of Oingo Boingo.

6 Responses to “Stay-Oingo Boingo”

  • I think they were always a California thing.

    I always got the same feeling, but it was tough to tell, considering I grew up in Southern California at the height of their popularity. They seemed to be overrepresented on KROQ and underrepresented everywhere else.

  • I have to say that they were most certainly not a Cali thing. They played several shows here in Milwaukee, and filled up a decent size theater. I’ve always loved em, but I’d also guess that doesn’t prove anything.

    Completely and utterly loud, too. Good sound; but loud.

    No radio play, of course, but hell, the Femmes couldn’t get any airplay in theri frieaking hometown either. If it wasn’t Charlie Daniels of Bob Seger, forget it.

  • BP- they could get 10,000 people in SLC, and they had about 20 songs on the radio- this is the California part of it- their shows were so fun, I do have to say.

  • But does it compare favorably to The Forbidden Zone? Me thinks not.

  • I loved them as well and have never resided in CA.

  • what an awesomely 80s video. it has it all – midgets, hats, bolo tie, suspenders, toddlers in the audience, ghosts.
    very appropriate for OB.

    I love Danny Elfman’s voice.

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