Raise What’s Left Of The Flag & Screaming At The Wailing Wall – Flogging Molly

Ten pounds of Irish folk/punk in a five pound bag. If Shane McGowan were actually as dead as the press has long insisted he’s supposed to be, no doubt his shade would be looking on in whiskey-soaked approval.

Offical video for “Raise What’s Left Of The Flag”

Live version of “Raise What’s Left Of The Flag”

Fan video for “Screaming At The Wailing Wall” using a time-lapse sequence of the Wailing Wall combined with pretty graphic Iraq war footage.

Bonus track: “Kilburn High Road” – live. Sound quality here is a bit soggy, but this is probably my favorite tune by these folks.

5 Responses to “Raise What’s Left Of The Flag & Screaming At The Wailing Wall – Flogging Molly”

  • Reminds me of the Irish Spring guy. I can’t get over the fact that even real Irish accents sound unreal. I need to change my reference frame!

  • I absolutely love Flogging Molly. I am listening to “The worst day since yesterday” right now…

  • I saw them last year at Summerfest. They brought the house right the hell down. Punks, kilties, folkbums, all just jumping around like crazy.

    It was no Pogues, but it was sufficient.

  • I like em better than the Pogues. With the Pogues it felt like “we are reinterpreting Irish music and that makes us ARTISTS” with FM it is more like we are just punks with electric guitars playing Irish music. Less posing more rollicking…

  • I love me some Irish music.

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