Calling It Quits-Aimee Mann

A totally astounding and perfect song. From Bachelor No. 2. I will destroy this blog along with the entire world if I don’t get even one comment describing some sort of human reaction to this song, this means that Seitz claiming he does not like it is only 50% credit. I am out here every other day or every fifth or maybe every couple of weeks totally half-assing it for you, finding total pop GEMS that I have found through the labor of my friendship with UC, and I expect the tiniest amount of lip service. The song is SO GOOD and I want to share it with other life forms. Life forms that are not too lazy to click it!

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  • We saw Aimee Mann and Michael Penn do a New Year’s eve show a couple of years back. It was really good, if a bit mopey for a supposedly festive evening, even with fire jugglers. As someone in Penn’s band said, their house must be the most depressed house on the planet.

    And while this is a good song, the two stood in stark contrast: critics darling that she is, to me Mann seems to have one speed of mopey (they must have put her on two cases of Red Bull to get her to pep up in ‘Til Tuesday) while Penn has at least two speeds of mopey, maybe three, and one speed of moderate rock, which makes him more listenable in larger doses.

    Ahh, do not assail me Pinko, I do like Mann’s music, it’s just that large chunks of it become mushy, mopey undifferentiated blobs. (any reference here to play-doh must be stricken).

    As an aside, i always thought that Genesis should have looked farther out of the comfort zone when Philbo left the group, and considered a female singer; Aimee Mann proved she could handle a prog setting in the song she did with Rush, and as a songwriter could have added a new dimension to the group as well as allowing all sorts of re-imaginings of old stuff (imagine how pwerful “Duchess” could be with her singing it!). But the english boys school upbringing made it impossible, I guess, and it remains one of my pipe dreams.

  • Dude, so have you guys seen Transformers yet? SOOOO awesome!

  • Oh, Billy, you ignorant slut 😉

    Bachelor No. 2 is one of the best albums of the 2000s. This record and her first (Whatever) are just outstanding bits of singer-songwriter pop. I love the lush chorus of this song, the way it just envelops your ears, and Bachelor is one of the few CDs that holds a high note from start to finish.

    The Lovely Becky and I saw her at Park West in Chicago, when she had finished recording this record but didn’t have a deal yet. She was bittery funny about the whole experience and delivered a terrific show. I went that night mostly because TLB was a huge fan, but I was completely won over by Mann’s performance.

    I will have to play some AM today at work.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Goddammit! I was going to do this song for SoftD like twelve different times over the past year and I ended up getting scooped by Pinko Punko! Of course that is more a reflection on my general level of neglect for this blog and that if Pinko is half assing it, I’m more like 1/1000000 assing it. Still, I adore and worship this song, and pretty much every other song from Bachelor #2. The video is funny – I have seen her perform this live a couple of times, but never seen the video. Go figure.

  • I like Red Vines better. This is a good song, though. I first heard it when a friend put it on a mix tape that we would make together every year before road trips.

    I’ve never seen Aimee in concert, but I’ve seen Michael Penn four or five times, and he’s always been really good. Not quite as personally engaging as Grant Lee Phillips (another Largo regular), but the music always sounds great, and he has a real knack for playing most of the stuff I want to hear.

    Now I’ve got “Red Vines” running through my head.

  • I’ve always like Aimee Mann and as for mopey… she’s peppier than Margo Timmins! You should never listen to Margo Timmins while driving or operating heavy machinery. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  • I like how she drags out the ‘iiiiiiit’, not what you would expect.

    shw doesn’t sound like she really has the energy to actually call it quits though.

  • I find the Sundays to be the best band to fall asleep to.

  • I’m torn between yelling that you misunderstand – that I was critiquing her in the context of a single bill she shared with Michael Penn; and going further into the depths of heresy.

    She’s a Pitchfork Darling, alright.

    I love her music also, and downloaded The Forgotten Arm the day it came out. I was totally jazzed to see her. She has to be careful about taking the wry bitterness thing too far though, or she takes the chance of becoming just bitter. But her and Penn seem to be in a mope-off, to see who can write the most depressing mopiest song.

    Jennifer has a good point though. Over the years, she seems to be verging closer to Margo Timmins (while Timmins has been getting peppier, in a relative way).

    So I will just note here that her duet with the brilliant Scott Miller on “Inverness” does them both proud. Any fan of Mann’s work should have this single, and if you’re not already a fan of Scott’s work it should take care of that also.

    UC, If this was my blog, I would neglect this blog also. It’s kind of like a puppy who never house trained, and now it’s a big animal and you don’t want to take responsibility when it barges in a piddles on the new carpet. But it’s a fine place to visit.

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