No Joy In Mudville-Death Cab For Cutie

I originally posted this song way back. I came across an oddly affecting homemade You Tube video and thought I would share it. You can compare what I wrote about the song previously with your current own ears.

A great, great song.

4 Responses to “No Joy In Mudville-Death Cab For Cutie”

  • I like this song a lot and hate the DCFC hataz, but I don’t think it hits that great note. It’s a little too unassuming, like we’re on a car ride:

    Me: Hey, where are we going?

    DCFC: No place in particular. Just seemed like a nice day so we’d go out for a drive.

    Me: Oh. You’re right, it’s very nice.

    DCFC: (offers pleasant descriptions of the scenery for three minutes)

    Me: Did we just hit something?

    DCFC: No, those were just the drums.

    Me: Oh. Nice drums.

    DCFC: Thanks.

    Me: Can you let me off at Transatlanticism Blvd.? That will get me closer to where I want to go.

  • I thought the video started with the title “Don’t Talk To Stranglers”

    Good advice, on the whole, I thought.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I do love this song as well as most tracks on WHTFAWVY. I’m smack in the middle of listening to their entire collection, and am surprised to find that I think I like the Photo Album era music the most (including the bonus CD, which I think became the Stability EP later). DCFC needs to be sad or at least mopey for me to care.

  • Brando: when they do the “I could have had my way..this year” that is when the song becomes amazing and not like he’s just singing to dear diary.

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