You Only Live Once-The Strokes

As much as you want to hate them. As much as they are over. Is conversely as much as they are awesome, unless you think they are awesome, then they still are. Outcome oriented opposite day. Get used to it. The all-occasions closing credit/outro song for your tasteful, yet short running television show/straight to video masterpiece. Fill in the black for pretentious analogies. At least Marc Hogan doesn’t write for this blog. Moron.

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  • RUN “Mark Hogan-bot”

    Who do they think they are with their white outfits and instruments, the cover of the first Secret Machines album? High five!


    Good song, and I like First Impressions better than Room on Fire, despite the presence of “12:51” on the latter. The first half of First Impressions in particular is really strong, like it’s still The Strokes, but after they’ve been working out for a couple months.

  • People are still making videos? Where do they get played, Starbuck’s?

    The Strokes sound like a decent bar band.

    It is a sad, bitter and unjust world where the Strokes are superstars and the Figgs are ignored.

  • I bought First Impressions a while ago, and for some reason, when a song popped up on my Ipod recently, it was if I had never heard it. I must have bought some other stuff at the same time that I listened to at the expense of the Strokes. I’ve been meaning to start listening to it again. I’m not a hater. I think all of their stuff has been really good, though admittedly, I came on board after the initial wave of hype had settled down.

    Pitchfork loved the first album, right?

  • P-Fork loved the first two albums, and predictably bashed the third. They just ran the same play with Interpol. I’m also expecting the same for The New Pornographers, especially since they’ve made it to three albums without P-Fork reviewer cobaggery.

  • P-fork SHOULD have started bashing Interpol on the second album.

  • No, you need to drink less H8terade. Antics was teh awesome. There are a couple songs that are just so-so, but everything else is muy bueno. “Evil” and “Slow Hands” are every bit as good as “PDA,” and I think the second album is more consistent.

    But maybe this is a SotD for another time?

  • the only album I have is ‘Is this It?’ I am listening to it right now while I work. it’s great.

    i think this video is a commentary on Peak Oil.

  • So how come none of you told me about Blue October? Huh? Trying to keep them to yourself?

  • P-fork SHOULD have started bashing Interpol on the second album.

    Why? I love the second album. I think it’s a lot better than the first. After Say Hello to the Angels the first album is basically all the same song.

  • Uh, no, the SECOND album is all the same song, i.e. the shittiest song on the first- “PDA”. True story. I can’t think of a more cashewy nutlog album. The songs are so forced. Blech. BLECH I SAY! Convince me otherwise, boys and girls, submit some “songs of the day”.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Brando, I also prefer First Impressions, although I actually get more into the second half (save for the wholly awsome Juicebox. Every Strokes song I have ever heard is awesome. I will hate the hatas in this regard.

    Seitz, I also liked the Antics a fair bit. Have you heard the third one. I can’t get it until I know an objective evaluation. I can also report in advance that the new Spoon will be good – at least the new songs were amazing live.

  • PP not that anyone cares at this point, but I *have* been working on my SotD entry, it’s just that Sony are a bunch of cobags and pulled all the Jeff Buckley videos. Seriously, I am left with a 5 minutes video of an American flag waving while the song plays in the background. god damn its so annoying.

  • if you e-me the mp3 I can post it-

  • Brizando- what you are missing is that I hate the song PDA, and I think “Evil” and “Slow Hands” just remind me of PDA.

  • UC, I totally agree about the Spoon.

    Saw them at Summerfest, they were much more rocking than on the albums, and that was a good thing.

    Haven’t gotten to the new album yet, because I’ve been working on the Blue October, which, again, none of you psycheouts told me about:

  • Pinko, I realize you are typing in English, but I cannot comprehend what you are saying. How can someone like the first Interpol album, yet hate what is perhaps their best song, the song that allows me to lift Volkswagens over my head like an irradiated David Banner because it fills me with so much powerful rocking? The drums alone have a full day’s supply of gamma rays.

  • Why are we talking about music here? This forum blows!

  • Seitz, I also liked the Antics a fair bit. Have you heard the third one. I can’t get it until I know an objective evaluation.

    So far I’m giving a thumbs up to both.

  • Brando, PDA sounds like what horrible Interpol knock-offs I Want Revenge sound like- I hate hate hate hate hate the song PDA. It sounds like….I better not go any further.

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