Turn On Me-The Shins

My music budget is such that if I can’t get something with my monthly eMusic allowance, I need to wait. I don’t actively seek out things on my waiting list, because there are some albums I want to enjoy first time through in the clubhouse on the old speakers just fresh and shiny and new and looking at the packaging. So I finally got around to Wincing the Night Away by indie player haterin’ magnets The Shins. This version from the Dave show is quite good, although the album version has an eensy bit more reverb on his voice. I cannot recommend the album enough. Listening to “Turn On Me” had the same feeling as listening to Oh Inverted World for the first time. Not life changing, choadmunches. Just great.

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  • I think I love Anita Robinson. Which sucks because Kevin Robinson is really big and could totally kick my ass.

  • I assume Seitz is talking about the female co-vocalist from Viva Voce that appears in the above clip? Seitz give us a Song of the Day linky!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I’m so glad that Pinko is finally up to scratch on the new Shins. I love hearing them perform the new CD. It is never a letdown. That TV performance is great. I think I made a special effort to watch that when it was first broadcast.

    I’m also glad that I was reminded of Viva Voce and the crushtastic Anita Robinson. I have to get back on that wagon.

  • I love them. Three excellent albums. I enjoy how they take the catchy pop convention and really make it their own through the arrangements, the recording, etc. I don’t understand how so many critics who liked the first two albums woulnd’t like this one as much.

    Pinko, I am greatly enjoying the revived Song of the Day schedule.

  • love the intro. his voice is a little indie-generic for me.

  • that Vida Voce sound was great!!

  • K- the aforementioned reverb on the album track will blow you away- trust me- it is the best song EVAR!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Hear ye, hear ye!

    All ye Shins fans are hereby notified to see the new video for the actual best song EVAR on the new CD, Sleeping Lessons.

    It be heard here:


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