If You Could Save Yourself (You’d Save Us All)-Ween

Perhaps I am the perfect person to write this, as I am the non-Ween fan that had sneaking suspicions that there must be something to all the lunatic Weeniacs claims that there is something to be maniacal about. See, the brothers Ween dropped the biggest turd in the history of turds to ever be turded. That turd was like manna from heaven for pot-smoking frat boys and was known as “Push the Little Daisies” and sung in a style so grating, it was as if pot smoke was really helium to make their voices all squeaky in between the bongy giggles. This atrocity has led me to wish to never hear Ween again. Of course, Ween album after Ween album comes out and some douchey critic says “Ween’s awesome! One of them farted at my local late night diner after the show! I’ve made that booth a shrine!”

In fact the epiphany that is IYCSY(YSUA) is from the Ween album Quebec, and I was struck by the memory that a song had played in a record store, and it sounded similar to Beck’s “Nobody’s Fault But My Own”- in the downer, psychedelic way, and I asked the clerk what is was and he said “Ween.” And of course I thought he was f*cking with me because I wasn’t cool enough to know who the band really was. Coming to the point: this Ween tune is like a non-country psychedelic sister to yesterday’s song. The psychedelia is that of say Roger Waters a la “Goodbye Cruel World” with a little bit of organ, filtered through Three Bulls! faves The Radar Brothers. It has that sort of lilting punch-drunk waltz feel, and it does also feel like the kind of f*ck you defiance of somone that at last has the inclination to pick ones head up off the bar, if only one last time- “I was on my knees/when you knocked me down”– I could only love this song when I knew it was over and the hated “Push the Daisies Up” Ween had indeed proven to have done just that. A fucking plus Iggie. The world needs to come out of their Ween-shelters.

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This song is amazing. It popped up on my Party Mix this evening, and I was transfixed in admiration. I liked it so much, that I decided I should write a song of the day about it. As I googled the song looking for an MP3 or video to embed, I came across PP’s review. It ranked in the top 10 of hits. Pretty cool. It is also an excellent review from the earlier days of SoftD. Unfortunately, our old comments didn’t get ported over, but I thought by writing this comment now, it would hit someone radar’s screen and they would give the song a listen, it is that good.

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