Insomnia – Electric President

This song popped out of It’s got a Postal Service-y kind of goodness going on. (Or are we in a Postal Service backlash epoch? Even if we were I think everyone still would secretly like “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”.) It’s also true that this track is the kind of thing that I can’t tell after just a couple of listens whether I’ll later find it to have the creeping mehs. Except for the ending — which is definitely cool.

Your Postal Service bonus track (a more than adequate home made video for “District”, embedding was disabled)

4 Responses to “Insomnia – Electric President”

  • I really do not like the Postal Service, I don’t think Gibbard and DNTEL go like PG and choc. This is better than that. I love Songs of the Day that I haven’t heard!

  • i dont like TPS that much either, their music seems to aloof for me. and i’m EASY!!!

  • eh, I like a Rubik’s Cude graphic as much as the next girl, but that got a little old. How boring to you have to be to ruin Rubik’s Cube CGI? I don’t think I really liked his voice – it seemed really tentative like he didn’t believe in what he was singing. I like the music though.

  • I think there are good things about The Postal Service, and I think the things I like about this song are similar. However, I go in and out of actually liking TPS overall. Actually, it may be Gibbard that I go in and out of liking, since I tend to have the same reaction to Death Cab (though I’ve only ever really heard Transatlanticism). But even when I’m down on TPS I still like “District”.

    And yeah, the video does provide one of the more unlikely marriages of Rubik’s cube and meh. I do wonder how much of the muddy quality of the video is a result of the compression algorithm. It might be more engaging if it actually looked all computer graphic-y like it seems it’s supposed to, rather than always verging on turning into a puddle of lentil soup.

    I’m also not sure why Pinko likes his chocolate rated PG.

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