All Mixed Up (Cars cover)-Red House Painters

I caught the last two or so minutes of the original Cars song on the radio the other night. I’d never heard the original, and I can say I don’t think the versions are coming from the same place. The Red House Painters’ version made a splash on a Gap ad a bunch of years ago. Video is here. Mark Kozalek of the House Painters has a way of making a cover of any song sound like a Red House Painters original, thus awesomely mope-a-dope.

Here’s the orginal Cars, which is not sucky, but is perhaps a weird mix of Tom Petty, Styx and what the Cars would be. Oh, it’s a Dragonball Z amine fanvid, which is incongruous, to say the least.

4 Responses to “All Mixed Up (Cars cover)-Red House Painters”

  • I feel like the Red Painters version is mopier. I cannot imagine in as a Gap ad. Was everyone crying while they pulled on their chinos?

  • I will try to find the ad, K- you are right it should have been a faux diversity disaster. People cryin’, chinos dyin!

  • Kozelek recently did a mopey album of Modest Mouse songs, as Sun Kil Moon. Also a mopey album of AC/DC covers, under Kozelek.

    I think I like the original Cars version. But then, I was in high school.

  • Kathleen, it was just a white background with beautiful models urinating into their chinos out of apathy.

    Kozelek does an incredible job with his covers. When you can take an AC/DC song like “Love at First Feel” and make it sound warm and romantic, that’s talent.

    I also dig the Cars original and most everything from that first album.

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