Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe-Okkervil River

I really hate certain labels of musical styles, like the ones P-fork ostentatiously claim do or do not apply to various bands, some of them (labels) that you’ve never heard, and most likely are mostly used around the P-fork offices. Just the other day they dropped “tampon rock”- and the best I can probably describe this in their terms would be “emo for chicks” where emo itself means “whiny sung by dudes that either hate or love/hate chicks” Raw, illiterate emotion used to be called plain old punk, well for certain emotions. Where literacy was supposed to be for punk nerds like Elvis Costello, and the main flavors were cynical and poison. I just don’t give a sh*t about these labels. Here’s the latest from “emo” Okkervil River. I’d say they are awesome because they are literate, and emotional, and they probably get a pass because they are a) awesome and b) smart enough where they don’t sound trite or narcissistic. From their latest, The Stage Names. I challenge UC to deny this song.

5 Responses to “Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe-Okkervil River”

  • Tampon rock- what kind of amp do you have to use to get a sound out of those?

    Sounds kinda OK. I think I need to listen to it more to judge.

    But they wear ties like some misplaced New wave band; that’s worth extra credit.

    Are they worthy live? They are coming through town in a few weeks.

  • BP-

    Check out the live version of this song they due on Conan- it is equally good or better- I haven’t seen them live but I bet they are great.

  • I object to their band name. I keep saying ‘overkill river’ and it’s annoying.

  • I’ve heard this song a bunch of times, and it is definitely my favourite OR song so far. I like it a lot, but I don’t love it. I have no desire to hear it again once it is done. I could describe this as an OK Decemberists song or a pretty good Arcade Fire song. The video is really cool.

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