I Might Be Wrong/There There-Radiohead (Live)

Bands that play European TV shows get production values like they are on CSI. And worth it too, the war Radiohead plays the sh*t out of these standouts from the last two albums. The mic picks up extra bass on the “I Might Be Wrong” clip, so you can actually hear how awesome it is. I think I like IMBW a little more than “There There,” but they are both sinuous little ice-prog charmers. Great renditions of both. Cue Seitz “meh.”

I Might Be Wrong

There There

2 Responses to “I Might Be Wrong/There There-Radiohead (Live)”

  • Awesome versions. Oh, sinuous little ice-prog charmers deserves a pulitzer award for most concise description of Radiohead music in 4-words or under.

  • Actually, those are two of my favorite songs from the last few albums, which have, on the whole, been varying degrees of meh. But not those songs.

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