We’re Only Science-Dot Allison

This song might work if science were like CSI in ultra modern sleek super discos with supremely attractive people taking each other’s DNA samples and what not. The beat you hear is the slow throbbing of geekly loins. Sad. It’s not really like that in real labs all the time. Or ever. Keep on dreaming sexy science studs and babes!

2 Responses to “We’re Only Science-Dot Allison”

  • Good thing you told me that before I decided to go back to school for a degree in science of the non-political variety.

    I saw Meh-tric at the Meh-tro last night. The verdict? Meh.

  • Come on, there are showers in the labs. Surely they are not only used for accidents. “I’ve got a chemical reaction in my pants and we have to get them off before I explode! Come here and hose me down.”

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