The Last Goodbye-Jeff Buckley (Kathleen in the house mix)

[a contribution from Kathleen, who is now currently our favorite]

We can all blame Sony for the delay in this SOTD, which I promised Pinko many weeks ago, due to the lack of You Tube video. Sony is hyper-vigilant about Jeff buckley, and everytime I found a decent video to craft a comment around, it was disappeared. So click on the mp3, and just be glad I didn’t embed the 5-minute single standing shot of the American flag as this song played.

So what can we say about The Last Goodbye? The best song on an album of best songs? a seemingly standard End-Of-Relationship rock ballad, that is given true depth by Buckley’s voice. A subtly sad song, but saved from maudlin by the rock music accompaniment. (and this is true, though you’ll have to take my word for it -DAMN YOU SONY – because I listened to a version JB sang on WHFS posted to you tube briefly, where he didn’t have the band backing him, just his guitar, and the song was lacking.)

There’s a lot out there written about Buckley. Pandora says: ‘Buckley’s voice was grand and sweeping, which fit with the mock-operatic grandeur of his Van Morrison-meets-Led Zepplin music.’ I’m not an IMS (tm Amanda Marcotte), and I have never been a LZ fan, so…. but that isn’t how I feel his music. To me, it’s real, and tragic, and hard, and stays in your soul.

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