Annuals – Dry Clothes

If you haven’t heard of Annuals, wait a few months, and look around again. They are going to be popular. Coming off their excellent debut, 2006’s Be He Me, Annuals are the kind of band that will buzz their way into popularity. Their sound is diverse indie pop with all the right influences (ahem, Brian Wilson). But unlike Animal Collective and Broken Social Scene, bands they sometimes resemble, the music always stays under control and doesn’t sprawl into smarminess.

Dry Clothes is a good example of some of the styles of music in any given track, and their ability to surprise. The first half of the song, apparently about the love between a man and a crocodile, sounds like a Beulah track as performed by Animal Collective. Then something dark and probably bloody happens with the transition to Dry Clothes. I’m only sorry that the video truncates the second half, because it is easily the creepiest and most interesting part of the song. But I think you get the idea. They rhythmic shock associated with ‘Clothes’ delights me every single time, and I’ve listened to this dozens of times now. To me, it also evokes aspects of Spoon Fitted Shirt.

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