White Rabbits – While We Go Dancing & Kid On My Shoulders

Both of these songs are from their debut album ‘Fortnightly‘, which I downloaded last month but to which I have finally made time to listen. When I first saw these guys about a month ago, I thought they sounded a bit like a more accessible version of the Walkmen. That was probably because the Walkmen were playing later that night. After a bunch of listens, I’ve backed away from that. They certainly are more accessible than the Walkmen (who are really an acquired taste), but they are far more consistently up-tempo, and much more melodic.

The first song, “While We go Dancing”, is the only song for which it looks like they have an actual video, so I’m guessing it’s their first single, but it’s not the song they played on David Letterman (which is called “The Plot”). Still, it’s one of my two favorite songs so far. It starts as a sort of hard driving but dark piece, and that takes a real U-turn at the hook laden and sweeping chorus.

The second song, “Kid On My Shoulders”, starts with a bit of a samba feel, what with the maracas and piano. It follows your basic path for the first three minutes, then erupts in a multi-voice chorus as they repeat “We held our tongues throughout it, one day we’ll laugh about it” (later reprised on the album).

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  • I think I agree with this whole-heartedly. There is a touch of the Walkmen, but not in the easily tossed off record review kind of way.

    The album is good but doesn’t hold my attention. I bet they are good live.

  • Holy Crap! Speaking of White Rabbits, I just got tickets via the presale for White Rabbits, opening for the Walkmen, who will be opening for Spoon. Freaking. Awesome!

  • Seitz, that is like your show of shows. I mean the only way to make it more up your alley would be to put SFA on the bill. Nice!

    Too bad your good show karma will translate into the Angels and or Bruins blowing baseball and/or basketball.

    Yin and yang, my friend.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    That’s really funny about the concert, Seitz. I like the first song alot, and the closest I could get to the style was The Walkmen and Spoon. Honest – I came up with that on my own. Not as crazy about the second song, but it is definitely interesting. I could see how they are amazing live.

  • These comments have reminded me that I have been remiss in the posting of my SFA show recap.

    Two words: FUCKING AWESOME.

  • Did someone say SFA show recap?

    Chuckles’ is much more succinct and accurate.

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