Sébastien Schuller – Weeping Willow

There is an almost guaranteed way to get my attention with your music. Make it sound just like Grandaddy trying to sound just like Radiohead. It will always work. Promise. Weeping Willow from Sébastien Schuller is unabashedly just like this, and I can’t stop listening to it. I can’t tell you much about Schuller. He’s French. Interesting. Multi-instrumentalist. You know …. I think I’m still on my DeVotchKa high and need a fix to keep the high going. I really like Sébastien’s voice and the accent that is not masked. I can’t comment on his face, because of issues that arise from the video. The best part is the sireny thing going on that sounds a little like a theremin, but is probably not. All the electronicy flourish is really really good and of course the keyboards drive everything. Maybe a little too No Surprises, but is that a bad thing?

UPDATE: You can stream his entire first album, Happiness from his US label, Minty Fresh. All the songs are really good

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