What’s Next to the Moon-AC/DC

Not even inscrutable totally standard, terrible AC/DC misogynist lyrics (BUT HE LOVES WOMEN!!!). Sadly, as usual, Angus craps out a footlong vegemite sandwich loaf of chunky riffage and I am hooked. It is a bad, bad habit.

3 Responses to “What’s Next to the Moon-AC/DC”

  • Look at it this way, Pinko: “Whole Lotta Rosie” showed that Bon Scott was a pioneer in the female body image acceptance movement.

    Powerage is very underrated. “Sin City,” “Rock and Roll Damnation,” this song, “Riff Raff” — good stuff.

  • AC/Dc have carved out a genre that consists of only AC/DC, and have concentrated on refining the sound to within microscopic tolerances.

    There is nothing as reliable as an AC/DC song: riffage, screaming, riffage, lyrics about women and rock n roll; and riffage. And large, chunky monkey hooks screaming out of that Gibson SG.

    It is a sad habit, and one I am not willing to abandon. Ever since taping the full “Highway to Hell” album off the radio when it was released.

    As a matter of fact, I think I may listen to a little bit right now. Thanks for the suggesto.

  • One of the best. here is no substitute for the raw sound of this classic.

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