Recent Bedroom-Atlas Sound

Song starts about 2:20 in (a decent sounding live performace). Kind of a lazy psych space-rock lullaby. Atlas Sound is the Deerhunter lead singer’s side project. The record has some interesting bits, and I like this song quite a bit, but as I am fond of telling UC, some songs would be improved by a planetarium.

1 Response to “Recent Bedroom-Atlas Sound”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I quite like this song and this style of music. I could totally fall asleep listening to this. I think space-rock lullaby is the perfect description. I imagine the alien life-forms singing it something like this:

    “hush little hexapodian offspring don’t say a word, parthogenetic donor’s gonna buy you an achaeopteryxian avian”.

    It brings tears to my eyes.

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