Ah, Leah-Donnie Iris

A song that seems familiar, but seems like it missed the Classic Rock stations when I was growing up (too new, 1981, I guess) so now it is sneaking into the cheese rock formats that don’t play too much Crüe and still play stuff like Steve Miller, etc. This song is Song of the Day mostly because I knew that Girl Talk was sampling something in the song “Friday Night” where he overlays Juelz Santana riffing on The Waitress “I Know What Boys Like” from the remix of Chris Brown’s “Run It” on top of something. We in turned sampled that bit from our Jonah Goldberg battle rap. So I heard “Ah, Leah” on the radio this weekend, and now I know where the cool part comes from (1:37 to 1:53 in the vid below). The song is relatively slick AOR for 1981. The woman in the video does, as someone mentioned on YouTube, look like she’s trying to poop.

The best part is that I allowed serendipity to identify the sample for me, although Wikipedia ruins all the fun/saves the day and has the entire Night Ripper sample list (it is extensive).

3 Responses to “Ah, Leah-Donnie Iris”

  • Back in the day, this was lumped in with New Wave cuz the guy looked like a dork and it wasn’t obvious Freedom Rock.

    Man, viddys in the 80s sure sucked, huh?

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Except for that one cool part, the song is pretty generic. I may have heard it a bunch, but I don’t recall. I do love the glasses, though. The look is timeless. I mean not timeless.

  • nice culottes.

    also love the 80s make-up that takes what is likely a 23 year old and makes her look 41.

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