Dead Sound-The Raveonettes

The Raveonnettes with their wall of sound-shoegaze-Jesus and Mary Chain-girl group aesthetic seem right up my alley, but I’ve never had room in my life for them. This being said, I like their latest Lust Lust Lust, and find that this song goes from OK to really good when the twinkly bits come up a couple of minutes in.

3 Responses to “Dead Sound-The Raveonettes”

  • I just had to eat my ticket to their show last week because of other plans. They’re awesome in concert, Noisy Summer especially. The new album is their best since Pretty in Black.

  • but I’ve never had room in my life for them

    I would add that this would have been my opinion of them as well until I saw them live a few years ago. I actually went to see Autolux, and was, shall we say, underwhelmed. The Raveonettes blew the doors off the place, though. Their setup is even more stripped down now. Just a three piece, with a Bobby Gillespie style drummer. Although Gillespie may be more feminine than the chick that plays for the Raveonettes.

  • I think I prefer the song before the twinkly bits. They do sound like they would do a great show.

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