Head Rolls Off-Frightened Rabbit

Sort of the ultra-earnest British Isles jangle pop that they can pull of across the pond but comes out all emo on this side of the water. This song builds from OK to pretty good, I think. This new single is definitely slicker than their debut Sing the Greys, which is worth a listen. The new album comes out in April.

3 Responses to “Head Rolls Off-Frightened Rabbit”

  • Pretty good. The “Tiny Changes … to ‘ER” on repeat was a little annoying. I liked the music though.

  • I tend to like my earnest more clean shaven, but pretty good.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Not bad, but not entirely compelling. I think Sing the Greys is way way better, although I’m not entirely sure way. I do love the little kids dancing around, though. That’s super cute.

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