Parachute Woman/Jig-Saw Puzzle-Rolling Stones

Love these two from Beggar’s Banquet. The Rock and Roll Circus (live) version of “Parachute Woman” is decent and on YouTube, but it loses an edge, as opposed to gaining one as many songs do. Just some skeezy blues (the former) and some Dylan apery (the latter), but quite good.

3 Responses to “Parachute Woman/Jig-Saw Puzzle-Rolling Stones”

  • looking a photos of Young Mick really freaks me out.

    It’s like the Grim Reaper is poking me in the kidney.

    but the songs are really great. It makes me mad that corporate radio only plays the goddamn You Can’t Always Get…

  • Yeah, it is quite obnoxious how they only play certain played out songs. I already had a bunch of Stones music, but ABKCO just released all pre-1970s Stones tracks to emusic. I only had Beggars Banquet on vinyl from my parents so I got those.

  • “Dylan apery.” Lovely.

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