Baxter Dury-Francesca’s Party

Baxter Dury is the seemingly reclusive son of pub punk fave Ian Dury (Blockheads). Considering the quality here on this poppier, more direct version of his psychedelic and hazy musings, I am sad that he’s only available on import and possibly out of print. He’s got a MySpace page (well a couple, here’s the new one and the old one). The new one has some lovely and wonderful demos. The thing that made me most sad is that this is the kind of artist that Pop Renaissance would either love or tell us about, but he just doesn’t seem to be around. I think Seitz would dig this too.

7 Responses to “Baxter Dury-Francesca’s Party”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I really like this song. I can’t get any good handle on how to describe it, but these guys can clearly sing like nobody’s right.

  • I really like the beat and the melody. The voice has a weird sort of appeal. Like a chick that you can’t stop looking at, even though you can’t really figure out why she’s attractive. I want to not like the way they sing, but I can’t not like it.

  • You and your chick analogies, S. Are you a beatnik??

  • this is a great tune. it took me ages to find out who it was when it came out. there’s something about the octave vocals and the almost deadpan delivery that really bring out an intimacy.

  • PR- If I were to actually e-mail you, would you respond? I wanted to tell you how much I love “Beautiful”-

    Anyhow, I just picked up Baxter’s first album on eMusic. The second is import only.

  • send any emails and love letters to hazy dot monday at gmail dot com. i will respond accordingly.

    wait til you hear the new tune “sunburn”. i’m going next door to finish the vocals right now – i’ll post a link when i’m done.

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