All I Need-Radiohead

I find Radiohead’s In Rainbows to be an exquisite collection of songs but one that gives me pause. I find them to be wonderful, yet with the semblance of odds and ends, and essentially this is what the album is. Many of the songs seem perfect yet half finished, opaque, secretive. Out of all of Radiohead’s work, In Rainbows most reminded of the My Iron Lung EP, a collection of non-album tracks circa The Bends. If I compare In Rainbows to the last Radiohead album, Hail To The Thief, I feel HTTT is both much more cohesive but also not as good. I wonder if the band is somehow losing steam or energy, the dissipation of which still leaves a residue of genius and wonder. I guess I am thinking these things because I wonder if a time will come when all Radiohead will have all but evaporated into warm and elusive half tones and murmuring (tasteful and great, though). I find that “All I Need” reaches a clarity that is sublime.

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  • I love this CD and find the tunes will get stuck in my head for weeks at a time. Jigsaw Falling Into Place has been playing on a brain loop for about 2 weeks now.

    I’ve often wondered if the evolution of creativity leads it to pure minimalist reductions. You slowly filter away the superfluous trappings, the trappings that at first are so alluring, but ultimately are not needed, and you are left with pure creativity… one pure moment of brilliance… uncluttered, stripped bare for all the world to see, hear, enjoy.

  • I have always liked Radiohead since Creep, but the new stuff always grows on me slowly.

    I blame my listening habits, which are large in quantity, but not of audiophile quality. I know, I suck.

    But if I was able to find some money on the street, what would be a great pair of iPod headphones, other than the direct brain link? I’m not looking for bulky cans, but something that doesn’t make me look even more dorky if I’m wearing them while mowing the pasture, ummm. I mean lawn.

  • Jennifer, I think the opposite can also be true. Look at how Dali started with very simple stuff, started dabbling in surrealism, and his later work is intensely complex layering of symbology and meaning….

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