Vittorio E.-Spoon

Spoon are inconceivably good in a package that is so seemingly demure and lacking in superfluous flourishes that I am astounded. In reality, this means they are usually quite entertaining and listenable, but they rarely floor me. This, from Kill the Moonlight, is a one of those rarer, wonderful times.

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I agree wholeheartedly. I find that the downtempo Spoon songs are the ones more likely to flatten, floor, and flagellate me.

  • Just imagine the typical Seitz comment here, and that’s the comment* I’d leave.

    *Good, but not great song. Not one of the five best songs on the album, and in terms of down tempo songs, it’s not Advanced Cassette or Chicago at Night (I’m not considering MyMathMind as a down tempo song). Still, I like this song.

  • OT – I know Pitchfork is not the word around here, but they nailed the latest Delays album and in doing so also hit on some of why they are worth a listen. Ian Cohen’s review of “Everything’s the Rush” catches the problem – a bad producer.

    The first two albums have some of the brightest sound – to the point of glistening – that’s ever been made.

  • w- thanks- I will check it out. I will check out their first two as well. One album in my mind was a bust because of production- Sloan’s “Pretty Together”- very thin sounding on some songs.

  • I like it very much.

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