Hang on to Your Ego-The Beach Boys

What can be said, that has been said better somewhere else. Sometimes no matter how great the critical adulation or reevaluation or geekster pop love for the Pet Sounds era Beach Boys, some will always consider them ultradorks and deeply insufferable. They are the ultimate in wonder bread, and some will refuse to appreciate. To them, I say check it before you wreck it. Not all people that don’t like the Beach Boys are crusty bumsicles, but some are, and they are in such a way that you know their taste in things is sad. What can I say? They isolate their heads and stay in their safety zones! What can you say that won’t make them defensive??? They come on like their peaceful but inside they’re so uptight. They trip through the day and waste all their thoughts at night.

To bad Brian Wilson super genius wrote a song to burst their bubbles. This isn’t the usual version of this alternate-lyric-ed original take on “I Know There’s An Answer”, it’s an alternate alternate version.

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