Shoot You Down-The Stone Roses

Sugary-spun shuffling psychedelia. I always post songs from this album (The Stone Roses) with the admonishment that this is one of the nastiest albums that you don’t ever think is that nasty because the sound is so lazy hazy summery drug Sunday. This is one of the most obviously nasty of the bunch. King Monkey spreads the hate with a matter-of-fact-smirk on his face. Think this is the Bad Acid at Woodstock:The Next Generation with Ian Brown, lead singer, as the Jean Luc Picard of Manchester hippie pub club drug thug.

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I’ve decided that The Stone Roses perplex me. Their songs sound so disparate from one another that I can’t tell who they really are. Some I really like, and seem I really dislike, but not in any easily pigeonholable way. I guess this song is pretty awesome.

  • This is the greatest album in the history of recorded music. This song is in the middle tier of songs on this album, below I Am the Resurrection and Bye Bye Badman, but ahead of Don’t Stop and Fool’s Gold. I’d probably rank it the fourth or fifth best song on the album.

  • I realize Seitz is pulling the “Fools Gold really isn’t part of the album because they added it later” BS, and his usual comment about any song here being the 5th best. Watch when I post IATR, then he will be trapped, because he can’t say THAT is also 5th best. And “Fools Gold” is not below this by any stretch. I prefer “She Bangs the Drums” as my fave.

  • No, I’d say it’s the best.

    And I’m just not a huge Fool’s Gold fan relative to the rest of the album.

    I’d probably rank the tracks thusly (Ignoring Elizabeth My Dear):

    1) I am the Resurrection (Probably my favorite song ever, regardless of artist)
    2) Bye Bye Badman
    3) Made of Stone
    4) Song for My Sugar Spun Sister
    5) Shoot You Down
    6) She Bangs the Drums
    7) Elephant Stone
    8) Waterfall
    9) This is the One
    10) I Wanna Be Adored
    11) Fool’s Gold
    12) Don’t Stop

    I could switch four and five, though, and have no problem with that. Also, if Mersey Paradise had made it as an album track, it would be #2 on this list.

  • I’ll have my rankings tonight.

  • thinking this was the best album ever was a college requirement back in my day.

  • I bet you and Seitz got college credit for it.

    Back in the day it was a cool album to play during zero-period art. I will not admit or confirm this was personal experience.

    Some of us were ahead of the curve. Maybe it was pre-school.

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