How these guys could ever be huge under any circumstances has always been odd to me. well, the english and their dance rock. Their NME created arch-nemeses Jesus Jones to me had the more interesting production and an album packed with alt radio ready dance tracks, while EMF had ????? and Profit!. For both EMF and Jesus Jones, I liked the second singles better than the first smashes. This was EMFs second single (only hit 18) after “Unbelievable” went to number 1. An early 90’s fave for the grandparents in the audience.

2 Responses to “Lies-EMF”

  • I always thought Children was the song that going to be the big follow up to Unbelievable. I’ve always liked that song better than this one, the extent I even give a crap about EMF. They also did a decent cover of Search and Destroy, I think for the AlternativeNRG compilation.

  • it doesn’t have the hook that Unbelievable did.

    I can’t even sing the chorus to myself right now, just after listening to the song. But I can summon up a head nodding “Unbelievable OH!” immediately.

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