Liar-Built to Spill

I just heard this tonight for the first time. The title makes it seem more sinister than it is. For example, it isn’t a song excoriating someone for their lies, their pathology, their abuse, their anything, such as the standard tropes about liars go. The other “Liar” that this song isn’t, is the Rollins Band “Liar” wherein Henry Rollins ably plays the part of a pathological Romeo whose sole goal is a game of sport and destruction. This isn’t that. This is the opposite of that. This is the “I’m not a liar” (because I’m telling you a truth, perhaps a difficult and painful truth, a truth that is bad enough to deny, to accuse one of lying). A good tune. From the possibly underrated You In Reverse (I still need to hear the whole thing).

2 Responses to “Liar-Built to Spill”

  • I’ve never listened to these guys before, but they’ve always been on the periphery of stuff that I’ve listened to. I don’t know if this song is representative, but I like it. Very early R.E.M.y and Shinsy.

  • they also sometimes go in a Neil Youngsy/ Dino Jr-sy direction.

    That’s a really good album.

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