Into the Open-Heartless Bastards

I remembered to start listening to WOXY again, so I could find some new bands to scoop off of emusic. I heard the HB’s “Valley of Debris” and liked it so I got their last album All This Time. The album was so immediately listenable and engaging that I also picked up the earlier album emusic had, Stairs and Elevators. It is pretty good as well, but this is one of those situations where the band sounds fuller, more wonderful, deeper and more complex on the newer album. You can see that they are growing as artists and that is always nice to see such a progression. It may have just been the recording budget, but the songs just sound “more.” Here is a fairly good to excellent live video for “Into the Open” from All This Time.

Go buy now.

2 Responses to “Into the Open-Heartless Bastards”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This song is a 5.0 from the first five seconds onwards. The piano chords sound so familiar, though, but I can’t place it.

  • Wow, that was really good. I’ll have to check these guys out. The piano part at the beginning sounds like one that was played by accident at some point, and then they just built a whole song around it. The best songs always sound like that.

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