Me and My Arrow-Harry Nilsson

I’d love for the ‘fork to review this these days from a new band. You could flip a coin on the 8.5 GENIUS/5.1 DERIVATIVE ASS score. I heart this.

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  • Wow, I hadn’t thought of that song (or The Point) in eons!! It had a totally “Phantom Tollbooth” vibe to it.

  • many years ago, I paged through a book showing the houses of celebrities. Most of them were abhorrent demonstrations of the Shatner Effect (i.e. having success in one field of endeavor, regardless of the actual amount of talent, instantly confers the ability to practice ANY OTHER CREATIVE FIELD. Hence, Shatner singing). being self designed, over-decorated monstrosities and tributes to the ‘good taste’ and ‘talent’ of the owners. Cher’s was particularly vomit-inducing, I recall.

    Harry was the only one in the book to actually hire a talented architect, and the house was refined, simple, elegant and dramatic without being needlessly ostentatious or overdone. Less about his ego. Maybe all he really wanted was a well- stocked bar.

    Anyway, one of my roommates was a total Nilsson freak, having all his old stuff on vinyl, even the weird drunken stuff.

    When Harry wasn’t busy creating lost weekends with everyone in the rock industry, he was a talented songwriter from the Randy Newman side, becoming a singer-songwriter because there were too few other people who wanted to do his songs. Pat Boone wasn’t going to sing “You’re Breakin My Heart”.

    A shame, really, that he didn’t become a more well-appreciated artist, but as long as 3B is singing the praises, there’s a smidge of hope.

  • My brother had almost every Nilsson album so they were a frequent sound in my early years. I’m now remembering a song that I think was his… BP- do you remember a song called, “Narcissma”? or something like that?? Gads, I can still remember most of the lyrics, but they’re not showing any Google hits…

    Narcissma is the pride of Pomona. Pomona, Pomona says she looks like me, but she will look like you when I’m set free.

    I have to find this.

  • Never mind… I found it. It was Don McClean.

  • TGFTI. Thank gawd for the internets.

    Otherwise Jennifer would have gone into an Obsessive compulsive meltdown over that Don McLean song.

  • And you would know something about obsessive/compulsive meltdowns, now wouldn’t you BP.

  • oh, you wait for my next music post. Obsessive is only a starting point.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Having Pitchfork rate this awesome album would be pointless. Even though everything has a point.

    I love this song so much. But easily the best part is the doodly-doo-doo refrains. So addictive.

  • The doodly doo-doos are like the 10th best part of this song.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    How come I’m sad everything there is no doodly-doo-doo after a “Me and my arrow” verse then? Explain? It would be like hearing “Good times never seemed so good” without hearing “So good!!! So good!!! So good!!!” following.

  • I’d love for the ‘fork to review this these days from a new band. You could flip a coin on the 8.5 GENIUS/5.1 DERIVATIVE ASS score. I heart this.

    You could. Or you could just look up their review of the Walkmen’s complete reproduction of Nilsson’s “Pussy Cats”. Not exactly the same, but as close as we’re going to get. The verdict? 5.1 on the nose.

    Speaking of the Walkmen, their new album is good. Too bad they’re playing on the same damn night as the Dandy Warhols.

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