Donde Esta La Playa-The Walkmen

Opens with the sound of intrepid hunters silently moving through an oasis at the edge of a desert, a hushed, rumbly. An expansive, shimmery restrained theatricality. Very Walkmen. Very good. A wonderful new album You and Me. Phenomenal. Give in to them. Live or headphones so the space can be appreciated. I’d love this on record. There is a warmth there that I can’t quite place.

5 Responses to “Donde Esta La Playa-The Walkmen”

  • I like this album, but it’s a step back in my opinion. The first two were made up of a couple of songs I REALLY loved, and some songs I thought were OK. Hundred Miles Off had a few songs I REALLY loved, and bunch of songs I loved almost as much. This one is back to a couple really good songs, and a bunch of other songs. I like this song, but it doesn’t dig into me like In the New Year or The Blue Route. Problem is, those are the only two I feel that way about. Maybe it still needs to grow on me.

  • Seitz, try the headphones to appreciate some of the restraint and the tones. This one grabbed me on first listen. I think it is a stunner.

  • They played this tonight and it was fantastic (the whole show was). The album is really starting to grow on me. Their albums tend to have a structure that doesn’t really become apparent until the fifth or sixth listen. They played a lot from this album tonight.

    But yet again, they proved that The Rat is the best four minutes of live music on the planet.

  • This is a listen album. It works during times of half consciousness like on the plane. Very good.

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