These Few Presidents – Why?

1) Unlike the one in my last post, this song actually features a sock. And embroidered towels.

2) In the first verse, this guy reminds me of Stephen Merritt; in the second verse, he reminds me of someone else but I can’t figure out who. Or possibly the other way around.

3) Well, why?

4) Those who actually want some video in their video could do worse than this live version.

5) This track is not necessarily representative of Why? since there’s often a significant level of hip-hop influence in their songs.

6) The secret subtext of this song is that wrapping things in cloth doesn’t necessarily accomplish what you expect. Or possibly that airport security will never protect us until it detects wasps.

Bonus track:

Interesting arrangement of one of The Magnetic Fields’s best, “All The Umbrellas In London”.

1 Response to “These Few Presidents – Why?”

  • Nobody coming back for the Why?

    Saw them open for Yo La Tengo in a small, small room a while back. .. Yes, it was a painfully cool show and i got very very drunk…. The drummer busted his snare and Georgia from YLT brought hers out for them to use….

    Why? was much more impressive in the live sound. Much more dynamic and veering into near-prog territory from time to time. I was mucho impressed. would go see them again, and I bought their disc.

    The singer had wild, psycho eyes though. Discovering he was a drug dealer didn’t surprise me much.

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