Two Ways Out-Darker My Love

Kind of an amiable ramble from these new psych drone hipsters not necessarily prone to this sort of pop reverie. The key part of the song is the refrain that tips into a different tone from the rest of the piece, somewhere different, something portending unspoken something, but vague in the best way, where you can supply your own palimpsest. Kind of reminds me of the Baxter Dury we did here.

“There’s one thing you should know, there’s always two ways out.”

2 Responses to “Two Ways Out-Darker My Love”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This is the song that first blew me away and everything they played after this was amazing. It sound so familiar in a few different places, but I can’t place either. It’s not Badly Drawn Boy, is it?

  • I liked it. Worth checking into further.

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